Oggi il Teaser è tratto da un libro che ho appena finito e che non mi ha convinta del tutto. Che cavolo ci fai un Teaser sopra vi chiederete voi. Beh, è un libro talmente particolare, soprattutto per la modalità di lettura, che va letto e provato.

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Cassiopeia moaned again.
“Shhh,” Lyra said. “It’s all right.”
“It’s going to die,” 72 said flatly. Luckily, Cassiopeia didn’t hear, or if she did, she was too sick to react.
“It’s a she,” Lyra said.
“She’s going to die, then.”
“Someone will come for us.”
“She’ll die that way, too. But slower.”
“Stop,” she told him, and he shrugged and turned away. She moved a little closer to Cassiopeia. “Want to hear a story?” she whispered. Cassiopeia didn’t answer, but Lyra charged on anyway. “Once upon a time, there was a girl named Matilda. She was really smart. Smarter than either of her parents, who were awful.” Matilda was one of the first long books that Dr. O’Donnell had ever read to her. She closed her eyes again and made herself focus. Once again she saw fire, but she forced the smoke into the shape of different letters, into words floating in the sky. Extraordinary. In the distance she heard a mechanical whirring, the sound of the air being threshed into waves: helicopters. “Her dad was a used-car salesman. He liked to cheat people. Her mom just watched TV.” Safe, she thought, picturing the word pinned to clouds. “Matilda liked to read.”
“What is that?” 72 asked, in a low voice, as if he was scared of being overheard. But he sounded angry again.
“It’s a story,” she said.
“But . . .” He shook his head. She could see sand stuck to his lower lip, and dust patterning his cheekbones. “What is it?”
“It’s a book,” she said. “It’s called Matilda.” And then, though she had never admitted it to anyone: “One of the doctors read it to me.”
72 frowned again. “You’re lying,” he said, but uncertainly, as if he wasn’t sure.
“I’m not,” she said. 72, she’d decided, was very ugly. His forehead was too large and his eyebrows too thick. They looked like dark caterpillars. His mouth, on the other hand, looked like a girl’s.

Nine (Lyra) – REPLICA di Lauren Oliver

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Lyra’s story begins in the Haven Institute, a building tucked away on a private island off the coast of Florida that from a distance looks serene and even beautiful. But up close the locked doors, military guards, and biohazard suits tell a different story. In truth, Haven is a clandestine research facility where thousands of replicas, or human models, are born, raised, and observed. When a surprise attack is launched on Haven, two of its young experimental subjects—Lyra, or 24, and the boy known only as 72—manage to escape.

Gemma has been in and out of hospitals for as long as she can remember. A lonely teen, her life is circumscribed by home, school, and her best friend, April. But after she is nearly abducted by a stranger claiming to know her, Gemma starts to investigate her family’s past and discovers her father’s mysterious connection to the secretive Haven research facility. Hungry for answers, she travels to Florida, only to stumble upon two replicas and a completely new set of questions.

While the stories of Lyra and Gemma mirror each other, each contains breathtaking revelations critically important to the other story.

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